Friday, March 16, 2012

Wooly Quandry

Ron Koppelberger
Wooly Quandary
The imagined, precious perseverance of fall design and shadows of summer confession finished the almost winter banquet of elemental destiny. He invited the cumbersome distance between seasons in need and alliance with the mystery of consuming twilight loom, sewn in cloaks of confederate twill. He saw the world in a momentary flash of fortune and foreknowledge, a busy confirmation of cream and sap, syrup and lemon drop sours.
The conclusion was a concrete cornucopia of hustle and bustle, a creed of stone seed and glass silhouette. The4 glass presented a prediction of what would be and what was in revelations choice. He saw the medium paint, a precipice in tumult, wrangled in labors of division, revolutionizing the declaration of seals and destiny. A wooly fray in managed admittance to the world, it was a wooly quandary and a way that humble endurance argued.

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