Friday, March 16, 2012


Ron Koppelberger
The secret messenger shrunk from the wildfire and the skies became a torrent, rain and warm heavenly flows of patient berth, the resolute indulgence of wheat bloom and saffron passion distinguished the unconscious gift of vision and dreams as a thousand thousand ventured into the grain.
The outline in stone, hid in shadow and temptation, a circle in granite and obsidian, a gathering of barren toil, it waited and the wager in torments of fire would yet evolve, nevertheless it raged and fought the tethers in a dangerous rebellion.
The wheat gathered the blossoms in rooted diversities of method, quelled the quandary with incense and the light of god, Eden in times of ascension and quest.
The angel, quiet and sure went before inland seas and wild jungle brush to the man and the wolf, he satisfied a dream and the temper of reflection. The city without sin honored the gain of ceaseless passage to test and reason in the fondness of forever.
* In labors of omen the dawn sheltered the pair as tides in stone also amassed the run, The destiny of smoke and fire.

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