Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nursery Expeditions

Ron Koppelberger
Nursery Expeditions
The commotion was a ragamuffin intrigue and a dare appealing to his sage gospel. The ease was the passion of the passage and the mark of a task that gave him the pleasure of bounding belief, belief in the nursery, the child of awe, the congregation in sure songs of nascent beginnings and youthful storms of spring.
He surveyed the rows of bassinets and saw the model with all the perfect importance centered with a hiss and a snakes tongue, he saw scales and smooth coils beginning with tears and Gerber baby food, pumpkin mush, safflower earnest and borne for the Childs taste, sweet sugars and cascades of flavor for little Lucifer and baby Abbadon. He found odd alliance with the notion of apple pies and beat juice, with the suns first light and twilight gain given life by the blood of the damned and sinful heights of fuzzy tiding. He surveyed the nursery and sighed in swarms of blue-bottle flies and hordes of creepy crawly cockroach young. He laughed and violet storms sang the season of dread and the invasion of fathers bred for the last and the objection of sated peace.
The nursery exampled the wont of daddy bitter and staggering finesse. He believed near East and College Hospital, he believed as he walked the halls, the pores of the hospital, he believed and he prayed in clouds of hate. They would be his the children of this generation and the harvest of the skilled demon.

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