Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ron Koppelberger
Gloom and fierce enjoyment, dangerous dank consummations borne of scented Lilies and lilac in full bloom, the Jamboree was all obedient in reverie, a command to moss illusion, a command to sway with the daisies, the flower blossoms of jagged rusty edges and full sated dreams in velvet. The Jamboree, like boy scouts and snails, like Woodstock and weed, the Jamboree played to the crowd and the crowd craved the phantasms of a different world, far from the tide of skeletons that inhabited their world.
Sky refreshing the song with rain showers of silent whispering music and loud screaming symphony.
The Jamboree played and played and the world came to an end, yet still the Jamboree remembered for the birth of a new age.

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