Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Submissions to Farthermost Dream March 22, 2011

You may send up to three poem for publication.  Paste in the body of your e-mail. Double spaced.  You may send a short two line bio (not necessasary).  No Payment just exposure on the site.  Author retains all rights and may publish anywhere else they desire.  A word of note:  I created this website to showcase my poetry and fiction as well as my art but I felt at some point it might be cool to offer some space to those who need credits.....so here it is,  Farthermost Dream......Please be careful of what you send.....no four letter words.,  otherwise creativity is the key.  Send yer best and we'll get along fine.  No aknowledgement for rejected poems or accepted poems you'll jus have to check the site.  Please put Farthermost Dream Submission in yer subject header. Thanks and have a grand most wonderful fantastic day. 

Ron Koppelberger

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