Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mike Berger (Lost in The Never)

Mike is a Phd and has been writing for a year.

Lost in the Never
Too tired and thirsty to sleep; feeling
sick Putting my head on my knees,
curling up into a little ball. The Sun
peeked through holes in the branches.
A white mist swirled around me; it
blocked out the sun. I looked deeply
into the swirling tapestry. My heart
was in my throat.
Looking again I saw a figure; it was
ablaze. It's a light shone through the
white shroud. It looked like an angel
dressed in white robes. Snow white
hair hung to his shoulders. His feet
where bear. He held a vessel in
his hands.
It beckoned for me to come; I
struggled to my feet. My fears had
vanished. He offered me a vessel;
it was filled with water. I drank until
I could hold no more. My body stopped
Waking, it took me a moment to
realize it was a dream. Wrenching
with sobs; tears refuse to fall. The
sun was low, I stood and started
walking again.

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