Friday, June 21, 2013

The Darkest Witchcraft

The Darkest Witchcraft
Ron Koppelbeger
She danced naked by the candent glow of the moon and the stars, twirling and singing her sacred song. From what or where would she find and deliver the romance of a generation in glee, bliss, ecstasy and fire? The fates knew and they jealously guarded their secret wont. She spun and gold webs formed in the air above her head, the blueprints to sorrow. She danced and jumped to the rhythm of forgotten drama and careful desire. The moon grew large and yellow in the cloak of inky darkness as she waved her hands in supplication to the mystery that was magic of destruction.
She sang to the shadowy heavens in tune to the crickets and the night owls, whispering in her song and dreamy romance she sang and sang and sang until the sky turned red with the fire of dangerous eyes and radiating passion. The explosions ripped the air in two and the web streaked fire across the sky as the bombs fell to earth. Her witchcraft nearly perfect she laughed and breathed in the acrid smell of smoke. The trees began to glow with the fire and the ground smoldered as all became ash. She was in the way of the witch the rockets and the future of unbidden existence as she sang to the heavens with her song of destruction and witchcraft. To the end of the night she found the beginning of a new dawn and the wasted remains of a small place known only as Bridal Bridge near the edge of the abyss and close to the end of time.

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