Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wild Temptation

Wild Temptation
Ron Koppelberger

The reality was like an evanescent passion a state of being made true by the early light of his dream, his fantasy. Chase Kickshaw changed the shade gently, down to up. Intimate circles of light filled his eyes like glowing halos of release.
Case looked out of the dirty glass and bit his lower lip, doubtful he thought. He was a pioneer in the company of love. She would be real, fresh and rare, a rare jewel of his design.
Quiet moments passed and he waited patiently for her to arrive, beauty in all his troth and hers’. He waited with expectant breaths of love. “My sweet.” he whispered The decanter held a bit of honey and mint, he sipped the brew from the wide mouth of the decanter. Heeding the suns’ judgment he looked to the sky, the sun waited for her beauty, what he had prayed for the sun and the sun and the sun, he saw it in glory tempted by his eyes and his desire.
Case turned from the window after the day had gone to pass, the sun remained. He was blind except for the image of the sun. He wondered fore a moment at the blindness then he fell to his knees, knowing the beauty of his new mistress and the wont of his neglect.

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