Monday, August 20, 2012

Susan Dale

September 6, 06
              Susan Dale

     The darkness of rain
   A slow dying of bounty
  Leading to a somnolent space
    Where dreams are carried off
   By the merchants of Mohammed
         Autumn comes
     with wounded stars
     and lean-wolf moon

October, 07
  by Susan Dale

October in a melancholy cape of rain
     Drifts off from autumn
Distant eyes looking off
       to misty mornings

Giving way to a passionate sun
    Of lemon luminosity
    And blue-eyed skies
     Stretching to Egypt

       Waters wrapped
     In blankets of foam
    Knees to chin autumn
  Curled up in a golden ball

Fish bones, broken glass, driftwood       
        Washing on shore
Covered with the shrouds of seaweed

    Breaking in - a long whistle train
And the winds playing scale in the treetops

Taking the opulence of crimson leaves
       And bright hard berries 
Leaving behind sculptures of naked trees
      Stark against an ivory sky

The Pageantry Of Autumn
                 by Susan Dale
Tawny afternoons that stretch
To the rings of Jupiter

Are they our daydreams
Captured in cottony clouds
Floating under a tabernacle sun
Those honeyed days of bees
Bending the fading phlox
Crickets chattering songs of courtship

All being carried on cool breezes
Beating wings over the golden sunspots
Splashed throughout our autumn
day-dreaming days

One mellow moment dissolves into another
All melt within the sunny splendor
Of melancholy autumn

Susan’s poems and fiction are on Eastown Fiction, Tryst 3, Word Salad, Pens On Fire, Ken *Again, Hackwriters, and Penwood Review. In 2007, she won the grand prize for poetry from Oneswan. 

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