Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pages of Summons

Ron Koppelberger
Pages of Summons
He was imbued with the flutterings and structures of forced measure. The Norse province was uniting with the hopes and aspirations of the rag bag assembly. He venerated the ancient sheapards of rebel paternity and the care he took to affect a summons of rant, a summons to nocturnal tide, nighthawk lordship and hues in embers of divinity. It was as simple as exalting the divinities of a flaming benediction, a talon of seizure in the fold of priests and fools alike.
He penned the summons in blood, in the ink of cool winds and raging seas. He marked the summons with a rose petal and wax seal. By the gods of Valhalla he would abide the legend of freedom.

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