Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Poetry

Ron Koppelberger
Sunshine at Night
Remembered by the courtesy of twilight
Assurance in owl cooing echos of dusky
Advance and cool airs in firefly dance, a
Charge in wisdom of wrangled wishes
For the dreamy phantasms of sleeping darkness
And wan sunshine at night.

Ron Koppelberger
By the Lore of Beasts
Profusely scented in briar row and palm
Commons, a struggle unto Marigold bloom and
Wild raspberry stain. The allure of tender
Blossoms in climbing adventures of mossy
Address, a lazy tendril of smoke unto mists and dreams of
Wolves and fairy fortune, by pine boughs and seed beds in straw,
The seconds told, by the lore of beasts and tender

Ron Koppelberger
An Agony of Love
Tender love and interposed depths
Of ageless pleasure,
The pause in passionate loves descried by the
Promised assurance of Eden and velvet
Sashay, a renegade kiss,
An agony of love in cascades of rain.

Ron Koppelberger
Gossamer and Lace
The cure in due diggers and jiggers of whiskey
Provocation and gain. The rain and ancient
Varnish in revolutions of rare poise, price and
Spice. The cloying Smokey
Spray, the sunshine day, the aim of an esteemed lay.
                                             An absolute practice in spoken gossamer and lace.

Ron Koppelberger
Bread and water
Dreams and seams taught by the turn of
Knots and reckless caste, a lust, a remote will in wonder
And dare, in what’s further than the horizon on a misty
Dream laden morning, a consuming cause,
To western deserts and blizzard north on bread and
Water, growing like the winds of chance in drama
And sleepy ways of rest, endless revolutions and
Dogs in the dust of our paths.

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