Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Peter Marra (New Poetry)

infamous treatments

some damages were
solidified for a second with
thin music from a dilapidated speaker
sounds for a squirmy background
a comment from outside
a reality sliding crash
as a child sitting on the porch
the windows always so clean
screens also

a child looks out
while nerves tingle slightly
ritualized by causes and symptoms
received in the morning
it died yesterday, by choice
smacking its lips
a cancer of thin memories
of what happened prior
buried in the backyard
under the blue slate slabs
a casualty of a piously stolen summer
couched in black/purple afterthoughts
a false love
and a false touch
lying down with the truth  

they have been lying
a punishing sound for his lies
taking it all away all away
trying to catch them as their
faces come off in his hands greasy with blood
trying to catch them as their
gossamer smiles lie in his palms
walk with hollow sounds

hot channels active video camera

a twilight conscious
cloned female
is ingesting soma

we went for a ride on
the lightning rod
for immolation and

a flash down below.
it was an evasion not only from predators
but also from victims.

a crawling eye slowly
made its way up the bare stone.
she has a pleasure-burn freeze

as it watches her spying.
octopi were watched by us as i pulled her
to safety

slowly sliding
slowly sliding.
she actively mimicked

she accurately mimicked
the very venomous humans that were
contemplating a new  procedure.

“i’ll spread my legs”
she replied sarcastically
“wait for tissue regeneration,

then we can burn”
she showed me a cerebral cortex
done to perfection.

then she went to bed
contemplating such bodies and arms
sweet sweet smiles

we lay on the seething cot
commenting on the ceiling fan
blurring the air

down a long tube
narrow signs where symmetry is a curse
a warp laughter circling

hands started
we can see cartoon characters thrust
they pushed into her arms, smiled

finally a random predator attacks instead
with withdrawal symptoms white and pretty
she can really feel it

“those psychological concepts involving
the sexual murder of the zombie
that holds the appointment for the false negative”

 (she twists as she
feels it)

Peter Marra is in Williamsburg Brooklyn. His goal is to and find new methods of description. He has been published in many online publications 

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  1. Infamous Treatments-
    I can't help but be drawn to this piece especially. It feels like a disclosure, coming to terms with, recognition, .... parent, lover (i go to 'parent' in my heart when i read this)
    "trying to catch them as their
    faces come off in his hands greasy with blood
    trying to catch them as their
    gossamer smiles lie in his palms
    walk with hollow sounds".... grappling with memory and reality. This is one of those works that is set apart from your more signature like pieces e.g. "Hot Channels=Active Video Camera" - easy, fluid and sensual. Slightly dark but an exploration that seems mutual; he/she, reader/writer.