Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Brilliance in Legend

Ron Koppelberger
The Brilliance in legend
Breathing, he was inhaling and exhaling wildly and in silhouette of bidden wonders, indeed amazed in monumental gasping gulps of fear and beautiful exposition. The fairy sat perched as large as life on a large chunk of sandstone, a divine precipice. Her wings were scarlet and her hair a fiery copper corn silk. She wore gilded endowments of sapphire and ivory and her eyes, her eyes, they were a deep emerald fire. Blazon and unabashedly seductive he withered at her ferocity. Providence had allowed him the privilege, the forward motion of one possessed and he had the forethought to remain silent and secreted in the wood.
He watched in revelations of light and legend as a young doe wandered close as if bewitched, close to the fairy now. The doe stood in supplication to the mystery of the legend, wide eyed and dazed by the hidden bond. The fairy smiled exposing two rows of razor sharp teeth. The doe trembled in fear and the fairy lunged with an efficient falling flame. Her teeth sunk into the tender flesh of the does neck and a great spray of scarlet coated her face, speckling her wings and dress.
She ate, tearing chewing and in glutinous abandon. He waited in fear and amazement motionless, fearing her hunger and wrath.
She paused, a mouthful of flesh between her teeth. Her eyes, glowing phosphorescent, cats eyes, bordered by scarlet, it was all blood he saw. He prayed and after a while the fairy flew east, away from the man.
He had seen the brilliance of a legend and the darkness of a deceptive illusion. He knew he was blessed, he was alive.

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