Monday, February 7, 2011


Ron Koppelberger
Smiles and Ecstasy
Tantalized by the tender expressions born unto beauty
And poise, innate, ascending the court of designed
Passion, in relish and desires of fire, sweet, sated, allayed in
Quiet consent and whispering touch, a forward bond in acceptance,
In contrite tears of warmth, a suffering gallery of wanton allure,
By the divinity of smiles and ecstasy, by azure skies
In evolving revolutions of romance.

Ron Koppelberger
The Thrall of Youth
An ambrosial season of wheat
In the course of scarlet alliance and seized shores
Of grain, a tender field of furrowed welcome
Defined by the rare wellspring rush
Of wild beasts and tame entrance to magical calm
And solstice, a serene quiet in the wills of balance
And the attested thrall of youth.

Ron Koppelberger
Visions of Eden
Devoted blessings and wonder, a fashion in fast wills of reason
And wont, in tender berths of unexplored
Treasure, the journey in muse and
Vaunt, the rusty fancy of whimsy
And row, of aggregate demand and satisfactions
In evening-tide indigo, in lay and assuming
Terms of amazing bliss,
A circle of light defined in
Visions of

Ron Koppelberger
Carnivals in Rust
Unshaken by the wheels of revolving metal and quaky rainbow
Light, a thrill in thrall and a scream of joyous
Event, by popcorn scents and greasy gears
In shifting conspiracy with the clang and clamor
Of childhood dreams, of clowns in Vaseline and paint, by the
Light of crescent moons and sodium lamps, by sooth and
The wonders of drama, the realm of carnies and
Ponies in galloping dusty row, by cotton candy cheeks
And carnivals in rust.

Ron Koppelberger
Autumn Sunshine
Reveries in cold autumn sunshine,
The inhalation of misty perfumes in formed
Shameless experience and sedate bond with
The desires of winter and the promise of a summer
Divine, a timely distress delayed by the seconds
Before need, by the spaces defined in fresh wont,
A gasp, suspiring azure by chilled wines and sweet
Confections in fall pleasure and simple

Ron Koppelberger
Upcountry Yearning
Tangles fanciful and stages kept in approval, the symmetry in
Gatherings of measure and sated masquerade,
The gloss given unto the dream and the fervid welcome of freedom,
A misty issue in mercies raging the applause of rare
Ambition and journeys in delicate faith, a sudden reception
Borne by the passion of performing charm and frenzied wild rule,
The upcountry yearning for praise and lauded honors
In soft shores of belonging.

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