Friday, January 21, 2011

August Snow Part One (Chapter One)

Ron Koppelberger
August Snow
Copyright 2007

Chapter One
“Demons in bloodless abandon heedless, immovable wanting the
Possession of paralytic charms and the infidelity of
Elemental tangents. Disturbed in conclave window glass
And frozen in artic, gnashing consummation of souls in
Distressing late attrition”
Naive, innate enchanting witchery in the sinew of a dream
And the welcome of a quest for the dauntless bustle of futures
Without sin, prophecy forgiven in the cashew of unbidden barefoot
Clarity and journeys to begin.
Soothsayers and the fate of a king in rag-bag vagabond
Discretion, searching the legacy of a fulfilling consigned
Venture and direction, crystal plums of glass and mosaics of raven eyed gypsy smoke. The pittance of a penny for a curious remedy and the
Forbearance of a sainted knight as the journey unfolds and the byway
Of delirium becomes light.
An oath and tears from the eye of an angel in scarlet and azure
Tincture, a white witches spangle. The besotted touch of
Phoenix agility entwined by the breath of a flame and blessed ability.
A shield of luminescent two fold attendance and the ethereal sanctity
Of spiritual presence. A vow exchanged and the blossom of
Balanced blossoms in expectation of god rearranged. Spoken in the throe of
A precious wish, the mystery of sacred speech and unhesitating exhalation,
“Belie the shadow realm
And guide the sacred helm!”
The witches final exhortation as unfurled savannahs and sylvan paths
Align to the discretion of secret pearls and the sashes of destiny. To honor the special substance of alchemy and unbidden quests for the breadth of straw dogs and calamitous curtseying dragons in white, the adventure begins at the even-tide and the frayed seam of night.
Plenteous and fulfilled in the trail of unbidden tears, a moonbeam and
Salubrious star allaying brave fears. The sacrosanct silent, pregnant prayer
To heavens and twilight wine, signifying the journey and thrust of time.
Thrashing thresholds along the path of tiers and stone already parched and
Feigning a desire for home. Ripples of wind and owls in vociferating
Vocation of wondering wisdom, the bleat of distant sheep and wolves howling winsome with worry for the hunt and incensed by the scent of a human, drizzling saliva and a famished grunt. Straight imbued with the direction of stitches in a long seam, he continues northward forever it seems.
Drowsy, overwhelmed by the victory of a night he collapses tatter Malian still seen in mist by demons in flight. Phantasms and portends of mythical call fill his conscious almost all, the brood of broadened ash and sunshine
Arrays of risen abeyance in possession of magical conveyance and curious
Enveloping crimson ascent in the hold of god’s consent.
The morning dew and emboldened moted sunshine flittering against his pale skin as sleeping in hours times four and flourishing angels in glowing luminescence like sentinels akin. Dreams of Eden and patient cadence benevolently drawn in the truelove trifles of countenances passing, the winded wetlands of moss and lichen hue surpassing the charcoal tattered, gangly shadow of powers amassing. The corruptible morass proceeding a time to come, the journey irrefutably undone, by an unlearned question of wandering sum. Why is it you and why am I not the one? Evil shrieks of death and damp cattail fluff. He sleeps and discovers that the love of an angel
Belies the wish of a demon, The angel sings.
“You were simply dreaming.”
Balanced and alive aware of the quested blessing yet to arrive, Elements of delight in the conquest of spite.
To be continued in part two.

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